Top 10 YouTube Bass Celebrities

You could spend countless hours on YouTube only checking out cool and amazing bass players, nerdy gear stuff, enlightening lessons, etc. And if people spend time on a particular platform, there is also a chance you might get heard if you have something special to share…

In every corner, which obviously includes the bass corner, YouTube celebrities have emerged over the past decade or so. People who saw a channel that allowed their creative juices to just flow. Some take a humorous approach, others a more serious one. Some of them might have made a breakthrough in the old days of analog, others maybe not. In either case, it’s amazing  – and great for all of us – how much attention you can attract on a platform like YouTube.

We have put together a Top 10 list of YouTube Bass Celebrities with a combined channel view count of 222,793,764 at the time of writing. That’s close to a quarter billion!

The main parameter is the amount of views for their YouTube Channel. This may not be completely fair, so we have also added their number of subscribers as a secondary parameter. And even then it’s still not fair, because some have been going on for many years, others only for a few. Plus, some of them have many more views on Facebook… Well, it’s a good thing, then, that this is not a competition, but just a Top 10 list of bass-heavy fun. 🙂
10. Federico Malaman: 1.523.776  views (18.137 subscribers)


9. Mono Neon: 2.202.329 views (19.319 subscribers)


8. Adam Ben Ezra: 6.239.264 views (35.458 subscribers)


7. Dirty Loops (Henrik Linder): 23.361.662 views (149.951 subscribers)


6. Anna Sentina: 23.577.447 views (292.234 subscribers)


5. Scott Devine: 25.278.453 views (290.325 subscribers)


4. Marta Altesa: 26.932.474 views (230.264 subscribers)


3. 26.849.452 views (114.586 subscribers)


2. hjfreaks: 30.135.089 views (70.446 subscribers)


1. Davie504: 56.693.818 views (373.599 subscribers)

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