When a Non-Bassist Learns Bass is KING

You know it, but not everyone knows what it’s like to truly FEEL the bass. The SubPac M2 is wearable bass that makes anyone feel the bass. The reaction at 2:18 says it all…

The Unbox Therapy YouTube Channel received a SubPac M2, which is like a vest that you strap on to your body and connect to your audio source. Combine with headphones and you are in for a serious bass ride.

The concept builds on vibration, just like the devices you can get for drum stools or the plates that you can get for your bass rig to stand on. This however, is naturally portable, and if you are one of those players who like to use in-ear systems, but have always missed the punch you get in the back from a fully loaded rig, this might be the answer! We haven’t tried it, but guess it could work out. ­čÖé


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