Sharay Reed Adds a Low B to Jamerson

OK, to be fair we’re not 100% sure it’s James Jamerson who plays on the original version of Marvin Gaye’s Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again, but Sharay Reed is definitely inspired by him…

Anthony Jackson | Latin Bass King

Anthony Jackson is – and has always been – a no-compromise bass player, constantly paying attention to all aspects of the music he plays. Tone, feel, the actual notes being played, etc…

Feraud & Malaman | Giant Steps Jam

Coltrane didn’t see this one coming, but according to Hadrien Feraud and Federico Malaman there is no song that can not be turned into a ‘double bass’ performance!

Bona Makes Hard-Grooving Look so Easy

It’s hardly a surprise that Richard Bona is capable of firing off some really flashy stuff on the bass. It’s also not unusual that he does so while singing, but he makes it look so damn easy…

Joe Dart | Vulfpeck Live

As a bass player you may sometimes be standing mostly in the shadow – metaphorically speaking. In this case quite literally speaking, though, but if you groove as hard as Joe Dart… Who cares!?