EICH T-1000 Amp & 110SX Cabs

Eich put together a nice little demo video together with bassist Daniel van der Molen, showing off their T-1000 amplifier coupled with 2 x 110SX cabs (1 x 10″ each).

Nemesis Delay Bass Demo

We’ve said it before, and now we do again. Delay is not just a guitar thing! It’s also very much a BASS guitar thing. Or even a double bass thing, but we gotta start somewhere, right!? ­čśë

BC Bass Amp Shootout (Updated Feb 2017)

So how does bass amp X, Y and Z compare in terms of tone? We decided to create a ‘controlled’ shootout between as many bass heads as possible for your comparison cravings…

AGUILAR Announces AG700

AG500 quickly became a modern solid state classic back in the zeroes. However, it was overtaken by the Class D revolution and replaced by the Tone Hammers. Now it’s back!

Trickfish | NAMM 2017 Buzz

Well, this looks interesting! It seems like Trickfish is launching a new ‘0.5’, which we guess translates into 500w Class D amp, at NAMM 2017…

EICH | Move Your Feet!

If you play with an in-ear system, you may sometimes miss the physics of having a big rig pushing air directly at you. But there is a solution. Enter EICH Bass Boards.