Anthony Jackson | Latin Bass King

Anthony Jackson is – and has always been – a no-compromise bass player, constantly paying attention to all aspects of the music he plays. Tone, feel, the actual notes being played, etc…

Feraud & Malaman | Giant Steps Jam

Coltrane didn’t see this one coming, but according to Hadrien Feraud and Federico Malaman there is no song that can not be turned into a ‘double bass’ performance!

Richard Bona | Throwing a Stage PARTY!

Richard Bona simply masters all aspects of music – harmonic understanding, rhythm foundation, creativity, composing, arranging and not least a completely unspoiled joy of just playing music!

Bassists Behind Brands | Trickfish

Many of our favorite ‘makers’ are also great bass players. And once in a while, you stumble upon some that are absolutely amazing. Trickfish is one of those rare cases… Times two to be precise!

Victor Wooten | Giving A Lesson

Well, in fact this is not a lesson video. It is a live performance of Wooten’s ‘The Lesson’, demonstrating how melody and rhythm can take up equal amounts of the center stage…

Focus | Bass & Scat

Scatting along with improvising on bass is a great way to add an extra layer of expression. Well, we found a handful of bass players, who sometimes do exactly that…