Tony Levin | 27 Years Later…

Tony Levin is another living low-end legend. He has ruled with King Crimson on bass as well as the Chapman Stick, but he may be mostly known for his work with pop acts such as Peter Gabriel.

In 2014, Peter Gabriel got the old band together for a Back to Front concert, performing the entire SO album form 1986, well, from back to front live on stage. Back in 1987, Tony Levin laid down the bass lines, and he did that again in 2014. Check out these two versions of Sledgehammer. Largely, the same musicians, Levin plays a Musicman Stingray on both occasions and delivers an energetic and flawless performance both times. He even looks pretty much the same! The most significant development, bass-wise,  is probably the move from a fretless Stingray with rosewood fingerboard to a fretted Stingray with maple fingerboard.

That said, look at how the guitars, keyboards and Gabriel himself have changed over the years… (And how there is a pretty significant decrease in BPM). Guess the lesson to be learned here is that bass is all about being steady (on several levels) and keep your cool! 🙂


27 Years Later…

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