EICH T-1000 Amp & 110SX Cabs

Eich put together a nice little demo video together with bassist Daniel van der Molen, showing off their T-1000 amplifier coupled with 2 x 110SX cabs (1 x 10″ each).

Gergo Borlai Wants YOUR Bass Line!

The Eich crew has collaborated with drummer Gergo Borlai on a fun jam project. The idea is simple, but very cool. Borlai recorded some drum grooves and now invites all bass players to jam along…

BC Bass Amp Shootout (Updated Feb 2017)

So how does bass amp X, Y and Z compare in terms of tone? We decided to create a ‘controlled’ shootout between as many bass heads as possible for your comparison cravings…

EICH | Move Your Feet!

If you play with an in-ear system, you may sometimes miss the physics of having a big rig pushing air directly at you. But there is a solution. Enter EICH Bass Boards.

BassCollect | Authorized Eich Dealer

We are proud to announce that we are now authorized Eich Amplification dealers. The opening order has been placed and we expect the first amps and cabs to arrive shortly! Please stay tuned…