Top 10 YouTube Bass Celebrities

Every corner of YouTube have its own homegrown celebrities. For us, it is of course all about bass, so we have put together a Top 10 list of genuine YouTube Bass Stars…

Davie504 | No Frets Challenge

Davie504 is the internet’s latest bass madman. He can play for sure, but he is also extremely creative when it comes to playing the bass in alternative ways… 🙂

Multiple Basses | 3 Duos and a Trio

If bass is good, then two basses must be twice as good. Or how about 3? Guess it depends, but we have found three nice bass duets and spiced it up with an SMV trio performance…

Davie504 | 30 Ways to Play the Bass

Davie504 continues his crazy raid on YouTube. One of the latest additions from his manic world of bass is a quick mashup of how to play the bass in no less than 30 different ways…

1-String Madness by Davie504

Davie504 is responsible for some of the weirdest bass videos out there. Well, this one is no exception. Check out how less can be more – or rather more on less can still be a lot… Did that even make sense?

Davie504 | 30 Video Games Medley

YouTube bass star, Davie504, is a mad bass man. He did that ‘100 Amazing Bass Lines’ video that must have taken ages to plan, rehearse and record. Well, here is another cool bass mash-up…

Davie504 Battles 4 Basses

Davie504 has done a bass shootout between a Fender Jazz bass (MIM), a Chowney CHB-1, a Fleabass and a Cruzer JB. Good fun, thumbs up!

Davie504: 100 Iconic Bass Lines

Davie504 has done a pretty amazing video, summarizing 100 iconic bass lines that every bass player should know. Well, better get started practicing… 🙂