Meeting the Funky Faces Behind Eich Amps

We have become official Eich Amplification dealers, so when we hit the NAMM 2017 Show we obviously had to drop by the Eich booth in the BASSment!

It was clear from the very first second that these guys are just as geeky bass nerds as we are. So we immediately clicked and found that we shared a common quest in the pursuit of the ultimate low end tone.

Apart from being overwhelmed by the amazing sound in virtually all of their amp and cab combinations, the Eich bass boards were a true epiphany. Even in the loud NAMM hall, a small 10″ cab sounded/felt absolutely huge once you stepped on the connected bass board. In fact, you didn’t even have to stand on it – just placing one foot on the board made your world rumble big time!

Great seeing you and trying out all of your bass amplification range, Thomas Eich and Peter Paul van Kouteren!


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