Jaco Pastorius | THE Bass Lesson

Jaco Pastorius was a bass genius, who developed the scope of the instrument immensely. Few players question that. His style may be to your taste – or not – but his influence on the electric bass as an instrument is not really up for discussion.

Us? We love Jaco. He took elements from classic, upright players, James Jamerson, Jimi Hendrix and many others and created a unique voice of his own. A voice that all most players attempt to replicate occasionally – intentionally or unintentionally.

Jaco’s life was not without challenges, unfortunately, and allegedly this video was shot during a troubled period of his life. You can sense that from time to time, but also the pure joy of playing music shines through in many passages.

If you have been playing for a while you have probably stumbled upon this video lesson before, but nonetheless worth seeing again. If you haven’t seen it, buckle up and put a side an hour and a half. There are some exercises in there, but also just a lot of bass talk, as the host is no other than another bass legend – Jerry Jermott.

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