Introduction to Slapping Your Bass

There are so many slap lessons out there, and many of them dig into tiny specifics for those of you who already master the basic technique. But if you’re completely new to slap bass, here is nice start-out lesson by Yonit Spiegelman af Lessonface.

What we like about this one is that it’s all about the basics and getting started in the first place. Ypnit is not spending 15 minutes on getting the angle of the thumb absolutely right, but merely explains and demos step by step, covering just hitting a note, popping a note, adding ghost notes and using hammer-ons. It may sound like a lot at once, but it is presented in a way so you get what the fundamental components of a basic slap bass line may consist of – and from then on, and as always, it’s simply a matter of practicing. 🙂

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