Gergo Borlai Wants YOUR Bass Line!

The Eich crew has collaborated with drummer Gergo Borlai on a fun jam project. The idea is simple, but very cool. Borlai has recorded 4 one-minute drum grooves and now he invites all bass players to jam along and upload their version of the videos.

So, go grab your basses, all of you low-end knights! Plug in and capture your jam session with Borlai. Once you are ready to share, upload you video to Instagram or Facebook tagging @bassandbeat. Eich Amplification is facilitating the project, but it is not limited to an endorser concept. Everyone can participate, regardless of what bass, amp or pedals they play.

We love this idea and know that what it all boils down to is that the guys at Eich are simply passionate bass players who love funky grooves and punchy bass lines. OH, and as a piece of bonus information, did you know that Gergo Borlai is also one hell of a bass player!? Who knows, he may post his own ‘now-with-bass’ version at some point ­čÖé

Check out the 4 grooves here and get started!

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