EICH T-1000 Amp & 110SX Cabs

Eich put together a nice little demo video together with Daniel van der Molen, showing off their T-1000 amplifier coupled with 2 x 110SX cabs (1 x 10″ each).

The sound is captured in two ways. First, the DI output from the T-1000 is recorded through an API 312 preamp direct to disk. And secondly, a classic Shure SM57 is capturing the sound of the lower 100SX bass cabinet (tweeter on) and also passed om to an API 312 preamp. The sound you hear in the video is an even 50/50 mix between the two signals.

The bass van der Molen plays is an MTD 535 with neutra EQ setting and an even blend between the neck and bridge pickups. Enjoy!

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