Create Great Metal Bass Sound w/ Freeware

Spectre Sound Studio made this cool video, showing you how to create a cool metal bass sound in a DAW using nothing but freeware plug-ins. The goal is to emulate the sound you can get from cranking a Tech 21 SansAmp pedal and running it through a high-end, anaolog Distressor compressor.

The key is to record the dry signal, then make a copy of the track and apply effects to the copied version. The free VST plug-ins used are Voxengo Boogex amp simlulator, Audio Teknikk Equilibre EQ and an Antress Deathcore compressor.

Now cut lows and highs on the copied track and scoop it aggressively. Then compress it hard and apply the amp sim to make the mids bite. Bring the effect track down and while it may sound ‘cheap’ in isolation, listen to it in a full mix in the video. Not bad for a completely free solution…

Check Out Spectre Sound Studio’s YouTube Channel

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