BC Becomes Nordstrand Pickups Dealer

We are super proud to announce that one of the best things we brought back from NAMM in January was a deal with Carey Nordstrand to become an official Nordstrand pickup dealer.

Nordstrands pickups has been hugely popular as replacement pickups for years. But you can also find them in a lot of new basses, including Warwick, Sadowsky and Ibanez. They are that good!

The Nordstrand pickup roster is very long… Even with, say, 4 different Jazz Bass pickups, you can typically choose between a 60’s winding and a 70’s winding. Alnico V magnets or Alnico III magnets, etc. And once you start mixing pickups for various sets (typically P/J), the possibilities are enormous.

Well, the opening order has been processed and is on its way as we speak, so soon you will be able to get upgrade your bass with genuine Nordstrands right here.

In the meantime, meet the bassist behind it all for a talk about P basses. Or browse our Nordstrand pickups in the shop!
(backorders may be placed 🙂


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