Set Up Your Bass – 3 Great Guides

There are lots of guides on how to set up your bass. We collected some of the best right here.



Jerzy Drozd is a luthier with decades of experience in building, adjusting and setting up basses. He also wrote The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Bass Setup, which is a great book that takes you through every aspect and every detail about setting up and maintaining your basses over no less than 62 pages. Oh, and it’s completely free as a downloadable e-book. What’s not to like!?

Download The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Bass Setup




If you don’t have time to read 62 pages right now, Premier Guitar asked Tony Nagy to write a complete guide on the setting up bass guitars. What we really like is that it focuses on the potential problems you may have and helps you determine whether it is something you can fix yourself, or whether the best choice is to let a professional handle the issue. The last thing you want is to take that one extra turn on the truss rod that breaks it all…

But it’s not just about truss rod adjustment and neck relief. The article also covers nut slots, saddle height, frets, intonation and electronics.

Check Out Premier Guitar’s Bass Set Up Guide


studybass-logo has a fine guide for basic set up of your bass. It is well-organized and has a good balance of details and graphics versus length in case you don’t need to get buried in tons of tiny details. It is also nicely split into separate parts to quickly jump to whatever topic you’re looking for.

Check Out StudyBass’ Set Up Guide

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