Anthony Jackson | Latin Bass King

Anthony Jackson is – and has always been – a no-compromise bass player, paying attention to all aspects of the music he plays. From tone to feel and the actual notes being played, nothing ever escapes his ear and fabulous taste for making all the right choices that just suits the music.

This cool and semi-old-school clip from a Airto and Flora Purim concert performing ‘Nana’ back in 1990 is no exception. BTW, overall it’s a pretty impressive lineup:

  • Flora Purim (vocal)
  • Airto (percussion)
  • Anthony Jackson (bass)
  • Marvin ‘Smitty’ Smith (drums)
  • Hilton Ruiz (piano)
  • Phil Woods (alto sax)
  • Bob Berg (tenor sax)
  • Art Farmer (trumpet)

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