Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 and Pedals Demo

Enrico Galetta from Italy created this neat demo of the Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 amp, as well as the Filter Twin and TLC Compressor bass pedals. The bass is a gorgeous Sadowsky NYC with DR Lo Rider stainless steel strings. Great job and great tones!

The Tone Hammer amp has been a massive hit among bass players for years thanks to its successful combination of warm tones and light weight. With the head you get the classic BASS and TREBLE target frequencies at 40 Hz and 4 kHz respectively. The top band gives you 14 dB of cut or boost and the low band ups the ante to a staggering +/- 17 dB. The MID band is semi parametric and lets you cut ro boost 16 dB anywhere from 180 Hz to 1 kHz. You also get the infamous Aguilar DRIVE on a separate controller that adds anything from subtle tube-like warmth to light crunch and even overdriven tones. It’s not a fuzz circuit, though, so don’t expect it to take you deep into the hardcore metal territory.

Both of the Aguilar pedals on test here are built for bass. The Filter Twin has two filters – as the name implies – that move in opposite directions, which allows you to create some truly unique and über-funky tones. The TLC Compressor is just spot-on for most bass comp applications. In many ways it has a ‘classic’ design without individual compression bands or blend options, but it has been meticulously tailored for handling a bass signal, which makes it one of the absolute must-tries if you’re looking for a great bass compressor pedal.

Well, enough words. We’ll hand over the stage to Enrico!

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