30 Level 42 Bass Lines in 15 Minutes

No doubt, Mark King of Level 42 has had a huge impact on the bass world. Since the early 80’s he has inspired thousands of kids to take up the bass over some other instrument which is quite an accomplishment. Whether you are into this very slap-focused playing style or not is a personal matter, but as mentioned there can be no denial that the impact he has had is enormous. And thank you for that, Mark King!

For instance, the guy behind Cambridge Bass Lessons has put together what he refers to as a funk odyssey, compiling no less than 30 Level 42 bass lines in a single 15-minute medley. It’s a pretty impressive patchwork of pure funk and it should definitely be considered a tribute to Mark King and the rest of Level 42, as they were the soundtrack to this bass player’s youth (in his own words ):

Now, if you’ve become addicted after watching this video and want to kill more time, checking out Level 42 bass lines, we have compiled 4 Level 42 concerts spanning 4 decades right here…



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